How to Jump Higher to Dunk?

For most athletes and sports person, jumping higher is very important. For sports like football, basketball, volleyball etc., you will have to increase your vertical jump. Different exercises will produce different results because they work different muscle groups. They will also grow those muscle groups in different ways. Plyometrics for jumping is mostly the exercise that target explosive jumping. They help to build and train your muscles for this type of activity. As a matter of fact, jumping is a reflexive action that also requires a bit of stamina. So there has to be a set of exercises that will help develop our stamina and make the reflexive action in jumping. Jumping is mostly about the explosive muscle action.

How to Jump Higher to Dunk

Here are some exercises that will help you to increase your vertical jump. Make sure to warm up and stretch before you start any of these exercises. This will help you to prevent injuries.So let us begin.

1. Toe Raises

You can start of with this exercise. You have to be in standing position. Now raise up your body upwards using your toes gently. You will have to hold your body in the upward position for a number of seconds and then slowly lower yourself. Just as much as raising your body upward, the downward motion should work the muscles.

2. Lunges with Weights

Keep your upper body upright and step forward with one leg to do a lunge. You have to slowly bend that leg until it is 90 with the floor. You may use your second leg as support and can slightly bend. The leg that is “lunging” forward should have the majority of the weight. You have to hold the position for a few seconds and the switch legs. Simply hold weights in both arms if you want to use weights with this exercise. Your arms have to hang down both sides of the body with the weights in hand. You can start  off with smaller weights and work your way up. Make sure that this exercise is not felt in your arms.

3. Wall Squats

You have to simply squat against a wall and keep your body perpendicular with the floor. Make sure that you keep the lower portion of your legs perpendicular. You have to hold that position as long as you possibly can. By adding weights, you can add to the intensity of the exercise. You have to hold the weights in your arms and let your arms hang by your side.

4. Sit- Ups

Repetitions of sit ups strengthens your abdomen. This is very important in jumping high.

To increase your vertical jump, you will have to do these exercises along with plyometrics. To dunk, you will have to jump higher. So you will have to put some effort and do these exercises. You can also go for vertical jump training programs like vert shock or jump manual for an advanced approach. These programs promise to increase your vertical jump by 10 or more inches in 2-3 months.

There is a good chance if you follow this Jump Manual Review, You can add lncrease in your vertical Jump


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